Protect Your Pets from Poisonous Plants

Protect Your Pets from Poisonous Plants.

It is a ruff question, but how do you really view your relationship with your pet? Are you a devoted owner who coddles your pup, or do you often forget that you even have your four-legged friend?

I have discovered that living in Paradise (Hawaii) has several plants (some very beautiful) that are poisonous to dogs.

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Make Bird Feeders from Recycled Containers

Make Bird Feeders from Recycled Containers.

I just love when birds some to visit my little back yard. They take my mind off the housework for a second and bring me a sense of wonder and a moment of amusement.

I found that I can make a bird feeder quite easily with a few things that are hanging around the house. I usually have a few plastic bottles ready to take to the recycling bin. By preparing a bird feeder, I can get the birds to come and stay for a while by giving them a little more incentive.