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Everybody Loves a Swing

As each grandchild has come along, I have enjoyed spending time with them swinging.

We had a great swing and play center at our last home which I miss. I have many pleasant memories of the times we spent together there.

I have learned through the years that children do not really care about environments as much as they care about attention and love.

Also, children do not concern themselves about how something looks, but more about how things feel.

So here I share some of my pictures taken in swings either at our home, the park, or at a cabin we have used for family vacations.

I also discovered these great poems about swings.

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Two Scoops Rice Hawaii Plate Lunch

In Hawaii, lunch time usually means heading down to the local L & L Hawaiian Barbecue and getting a plate lunch.

There are a variety of meats available including pork, chicken, beef, fish or curry.

The portions are enough to satisfy a Polynesian appetite and usually comes with two scoops of rice and macaroni salad.

If you are very health conscious, you can trade one scoop of rice for a vegetable salad or coleslaw. The meat is served on a nest of grated cabbage and comes with soya sauce, tartar sauce or a lemon depending on the meat.

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Keep Secrets Off Facebook

Social networking is all the rage. Almost every face-to-face conversation includes what people heard or saw on Facebook. How did we find out things before Facebook?

I have found that I can join/enter many other online sites just because of my involvement with Facebook. In fact, I can automatically have everything I post elsewhere on a blog, twitter or elsewhere to show up on my wall on Facebook.