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Cousins Being Bad!

Nothing makes me sadder than cousins being bad (mean) to each other! Some of my grandchildren have been staying with me this summer and once in a while they say or do something that puts down another child. Life is tough enough without the support of your cousins!

Cousins being kind!

When I notice something being said or done to another child because they think they could do better, it is very difficult for me to be quiet. Almost immediately, I mention how that may have hurt another child’s feelings. I suggest to the child that they apologize and always show love and support to their cousins. Instead, they should have their back!

No sibling rivalry here!

One thing I learned in Tonga is that cousins stick up for each other. They support one another and treat each other as brothers and sisters rather than just relatives. I love that part of the Tongan culture. Also, aunties and uncles are more like parents to their nieces and nephews. One big happy family!

No sibling rivalry here, either!

I remember as a child being compared to my cousins. Since I was always the shortest, and not quite as bright, this became a common topic amongst the adults. It didn’t really help me to grow taller or smarter! Just think if all of my aunts and uncles had supported me more in my efforts, who knows what I may have been able to achieve?

Siblings enjoying being together.

For the most part, I love seeing my grandchildren together. They play well together and help one another. But there are those times when a little more kindness could be shown. As their grandmother, I leave this admonition to my grandchildren: love each other and build each other up!

The same goes for siblings. I have watched older siblings picking on the younger ones and probably that is quite normal, but it really isn’t fair. Why not pick on someone your own size?

Three siblings getting along!

Well, I’ve shared my thoughts. Please take my advice. Think of those cousins you may have offended and make it right! Apologize and be better for it. You will not regret it when you are in need of help.

Happy Cousins!
Robbie (Robert Mateialona) being baptized at the Red Sea with his father Robert and Grandfather Robert.
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Two Little Brothers

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Jakeyboy (that’s what we called him to distinguish him from his Daddy) would be getting a new little brother. He was only two years old and didn’t really know what was going on. His parents were a bit worried that he might be jealous of the new baby, so right before the new baby was born they gave Jakeyboy a special present. They have been good friends besides brothers ever since.

Zion Viliami

I remember feeling about the same way because our first two children were fifteen months apart. Sibling rivalry is a concern for many parents. Now cousin Israel had a little sister and a brother and cousin Anna had gained a little sister. Our grandchildren were growing in number and we were quite busy getting to know them. We learned so much from each one and enjoyed spoiling them a little. We knew we were blessed to have them in our family and wanted to do the best for them.

Baby Zion Menehune

As for my artistic side, I saw an opportunity to use my grandchildren in photo shoots. This one of Zion was taken when he was on a few months old on the North Shore of Hawaii. It reminded me of the stories of Hawaiian menehune who appeared at night marching across rainforests. I couldn’t help myself sharing this fun picture!

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