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The Little Ballerina

Our eleventh grandchild, Izabella Liana, was born with a cute button nose and the need to express herself. She is such a joy to be around and she makes me so happy. Her middle name is after her auntie Liana and she loves to stay over at Liana’s house since she is the only girl child in her family and Liana and Ileina know how to keep her busy since she has a short attention span.

Izabella Liana

Bella was born in Utah. She was a sweet baby and rarely complained. As she grew she felt the need to dance. We loved watching as she entertained us by dancing, singing, or showing us her artwork. She helped her daddy paint her bedroom and decorated it so pretty.

The Many Faces of Izabella Liana!

Someone was trying to take Bella’s food!!
Her little eyes can melt you!
Bella can also let you know when is irritated!

Here is a video of her with her cousin Zara and one of herself dancing impromptu

Impromptu Dance by Bella
Joy with Bubble Wrap Bella and Zara

We are so blessed to have Bella in our family. She is the source of so much joy and happiness.

Tutu for the Ballerina