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Coronavirus COVID-19 and Grandma

The latest epidemic of Coronavirus has been on my mind constantly. I feel empathy for the many who have suffered from this virus and especially those who have lost their lives and their families. As an older person with chronic autoimmune issues, this virus is a threat!

So far, Utah has not had any known cases of the virus obtained instate. However, paranoia has emptied many shelves in the local Costco and Walmart. People are panicking in ways I never imagined. You would think it is the end of the world! Perhaps it is!

Well, at least I have learned something from all of this chaos, like how to wash my hands properly! Before, a quick dab of soap and a second or two of water sufficed. Now I feel that everything around me has germs on it, especially things I touch often like these computer keys. I use my clorox wipes much more than ever before.

I have also decided not to go out to the movies, to shop unless I really need to, and I have questioned attending large gatherings. It has affected almost all of my interactions with others – I even found myself elbow bumping my own granddaughter (what)?

Our church (LDS) has had general conference every spring and fall for as long as I can remember. For the first timein my life, they have told everyone to watch conference from home and that no international leaders will meet as usual at the conference center on Temple Square! Even the Missionary Training Center in Provo, Utah is not accepting new missionaries in lieu of being prepared online. Some temples have been closed and missionaries reassigned or sent home.

Our daughter and our family at the Salt Lake Temple

All of this has affected my psyche and ultimately affected everything I do. My daughter is a Nurse Practitioner and I worry that she might be exposed to the virus at work. She has been taking care of my husband and I and this adds another dimension to her job. I have Grave’s disease and use oxygen at night due to respiratory problems.

When will this nightmare end? Hopefully spring will bring warmer weather and kill off any hint of the virus! I am praying this time next year, the coronavirus will be a bad memory and not a significant threat to many.

Some of our family in Italy only a couple of years ago where the coronavirus currently rages

I realize how unprepared I am for a full-out emergency situation. We have been slowly eating up all of our food storage and not replacing it. I regret that right now!

While we are retired and doing okay financially, the recent stock market crash has eaten away at my 401-K! That is not the worst thing that could happen, but it is very frustrating.

I’m trying hard to have a positive outlook for my children and grandchildrens. I hope and pray that all of them will avoid the effects of the coronavirus.

Our latest family photo – missing Israel Kongaika