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Wavy Hair or Straight Hair

My hair is naturally curly or in other words, it goes exactly where it wants to.

Whenever I have my hair trimmed, the beautician always has a fit when she sees how curly my hair goes after trimming the dead ends off and conditioning it. They always say I should just embrace my curly hair and enjoy it. But, my hair also has many cowlicks. There are certain areas on my scalp where I prefer the hair to go one way, but inevitably it will go the other way.

I have about three straightening irons, two curling irons, about five blow dryers, and all types of hair brushes. I have a whole shelf of shampoos, conditioners, de-frizzers, and other hair tonics that I have tried and in my eyes, they have failed. It is pretty insane.

The sad thing about all this is that all I want is straight hair. I look at others with their long straight hair and wish my hair would do that on its own. Why are we never satisfied with what we have?

I have heard that the Japanese have developed a hair straightening technique that is very successful, but when I suggest to the beautician that I want it, she says it will ruin my hair. So then I get nervous and don’t do it.

I have also heard about the What’s a girl to do? One time I decided to embrace my curls and actually thought if I had a permanent, at least then I could make the curls go the way I want them to. Wrong! That was a BIG mistake. I had a frizzy mess for about a year.

Sometimes to get my hair in the style I like, I wash, then blow dry, then straighten and then curl. What kind of madness is that?

At one time my hair started falling out – not too long ago. I decided it is better to have some hair than no hair. I got a shampoo Mane ‘n Tail Shampoo (which is also for horses and dogs) and since then my hair has stopped falling (thank goodness).

I know I am just playing into the whole pressures of society thing, but a lady needs to feel good about herself when she goes out in public.

I am just looking for that perfect beautician who will read my mind, and give me the perfect haircut that will make it fall perfectly after I wash it. I know I am asking too much, but I will keep trying.