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Christmas Past

I decided to look back on our time as grandparents and Christmas celebrations with the grandchildren. It took a bit to find all the pictures, but here are some of them.

One year we went as a family to visit a dear friend in his 90s, Elder Glenn Rudd. He had been our Area President when we served in Tonga.

Since Lily joined our tribe, we have been going to her Friend to Friend productions which are a highlight of the holiday season. She has never been afraid to get up and sing in front of an audience and astounds us every time.

One year we had the children dress up and we did the nativity scene. It was very fun and special.

One of our favorite places to visit during the holidays is Salt Lake Temple Square.

We have two birthdays in December and one anniversary.

Christmas decorations at BYU-Hawaii
One of my Christmas Days with my brother, Kirk in Orem, Utah

A few more pictures…

Christmas just wouldn’t be the same without grandchildren! We are so blessed to have our grandchildren!

A Hawaiian Snowman!

Wishing each of our friends and family a very Happy Holiday. Christ is the reason for the season.

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Fueling My Passion for Being a Grandmother

When we first starting having our grandchildren (my favorite accomplishment!), we were living in Hawaii. It was wonder living in Paradise. Most of the time a trip to the beach with the grandchildren was our favorite activity. I had to get used to the idea that it was not my sole responsibility to watch the children in the water so a shark would not attack or a drowning might occur. It was their parent’s responsibility. Yeah!

The grandkids at the beach in Hawaii

Our grandchildren took to the water readily and it was difficult to get them to go home (also not my responsibility)! We could just enjoy watching them as the waves threatened to suck them under or they got a jellyfish sting and their cousin peed on their wound, etc. Wow, being a grandparent is the best!

Burying the cousin in the sand at the Beach
Taking pictures of the grandkids at the beach in Ha
Parents watching their own kids at the beach

I especially taking pictures of the grandkids at the beach:

So pretty!
Too cute!
Dashing young man!
OK – Stop Grandma!!

I loved living in Hawaii and being with our precious grandchildren. Nothing made me happier!

The grandkids are the nicest to you when they are small. Then they grow up! I used to be their idol (like a movie star). Now they are almost all taller than I am! How did that happen?

Oh, the lazy days on the beach in Hawaii. I have many fond memories of you!

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