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Introverts Unite

I admit it – I am an introvert. So this social isolation thing actually feels quite comfortable to me. I suffer from social anxiety and avoid big crowds because the noise is deafening. When I was a young girl, I preferred to play alone in my bedroom with my paper dolls and write stories rather than being abused by family members and so-called friends. Mind you, I don’t like having to stay in the house all of the time, especially being isolated with an extrovert!

My husband is having a difficult time. He has to call several people every day between his jogs around the house to stay sane. Some of my grandchildren are having a really tough go of it also. They are used to having their friends around them at school constantly. Yesterday one of my granddaughters went to a “take out” with some friends (each in their separate cars). Then they met up in a parking lot, parked their cars in a circle, and sat on their cars while they visited from a distance. Quite creative, I’d say.

I appreciate those who have taken this pandemic seriously and are staying away from others as much as possible. I was not surprised when I heard on the news that here in Utah about half of the persons who have contracted the coronavirus were younger (between 20 and 40). They seem to think they are invincible. Younger people are vulnerable too. It is so sad to hear of even small babies that have been stricken with corona.

Since we lived in Hawaii for over 20 years, I got used to being hugged by everyone I met. That was difficult for me since I value my personal space. Right now I don’t have to worry about that contact and it is somewhat of a relief for me. However, two of my grandchildren are graduating this year and I feel bad that they won’t have all of the leis and festivities that go with Polynesian graduations.

Some younger people think this is the right time to become popular on social media:

Honestly, how idiotic can you be. I also had a friend who thought it was cool to announce on facebook that she took her grandchildren to Costco to get a few things. What? Does she not realize how ignorant that sounded? Please leave the grandkids at home! She got reprimanded in the comments.

I like how many of the regular TV celebrities have taken corona seriously and now broadcast from inside of their homes. It is fun to see another side of them and I have a healthier respect for them. Hopefully, if everyone does their part, this virus will die off soon. Warmer weather will make it more difficult for it to thrive and spread. I am excited to get out and work in my yard.

As for my own family relations, my father who is 93 hasn’t changed his schedule much from what it was before corona. He spends much of his time reading and watching TV. The only way he could get the virus is if someone brings in into his home. I am trying to keep away. Thankfully, my brother and sister live closer and take good care of him. My other sister is on oxygen and I pray she will be alright.

The thing I miss the most during this time is shopping. Every Tuesday before this happened, I would shop at the local thrift shops because it was discount day for seniors. Now they are all closed. I realize that I went a bit overboard with my thrifting because my closets are stuffed and I have nowhere to go! Now the popular thing to wear when we go out is a mask!

I have set up a little gym in my bedroom. It includes a stationary bike, thigh master, weights and bands. I hope this will result in me being stronger and more fit. I also take vitamins every day and go to bed at a reasonable hour. When I wake up, I do specific stretches before I even get out of bed. It helps with my joint pain.

As far as corona memes and jokes are concerned, I have seen most, but found some new ones today:

Yesterday I ordered groceries for the first time. They couldn’t deliver them until today. Of course I had to pay extra for the service, but feel for now it is worth it.

I’m grateful that my children are isolating and are still able to work to provide for their families. Our patience is being tested bigtime right now. Can you imagine how much harder this would be without technology? It certainly is a blessing to be able to talk and see loved ones at this time. One thing to remember with all of this time spent online, there is a greater danger of hacking and predators. Please be safe online!

Tomorrow I will be listening to leaders of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Our prophet forsaw this time and has been preparing our members for it for a while now. I value my membership in the church and it brings a lot of comfort to my llife. It has been very inspiring to see many turn to God and praying more often during this pandemic. If you want to hear some inspired messages for this time, join us at:

Quarantine! Introverts Unite! Peace!

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Seven is a Lucky Number!

In one year (2003), we were blessed with three beautiful grandchildren! They grew up together and became good buddies. The following year we received our seventh grandchild and fourth granddaughter. Little Eryn was born in Hawaii and unlike her older sister, she was very mellow and low maintenance. At least that is what we thought…

Eryn Moana (her middle name means “ocean” in Hawaiian)

I remember when she was only a month old we went with her and her parents to Turtle Bay to watch the fireworks for the 4th of July. She slept through them all and never fussed at all. We were wondering why she wasn’t crying at all. When we felt her little head, she had a raging fever! Oh, no! She was taken to the emergency room at the nearest hospital. It was not very well known for excellent service, and our new baby was rushed to Kapiolani Hospital in Honolulu. That was pretty nerve shattering!

Eryn stayed in the hospital for quite some time. She had a bad urinary tract infection which would be the start of many more to come. We each have our trials and this appeared to be one of hers and her parents. We all took turns taking the long windy road from the North Shore of Oahu to visit or stay with Eryn during her time in the hospital. Thank goodness for modern medicine!

Eryn at the beach in Hawaii, Digital Art by Ruth Kongaika
Have a thermometer on hand for baby!
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Polynesian Maiden

Our only daughter came to live with us in Hawaii while her husband finished school. It seemed that sea level agreed with her when she announced she was pregnant with our sixth grandchild!

I had hoped for an easy birth for my daughter knowing that all of mine had been quite difficult. Her husband was a big Polynesian man and so I expected the baby would be pretty big. She had worked right up until her delivery as a nurse at a local hospital. Because her doctor was going on vacation, she was induced. This probably was not the best alternative.

I was with my daughter the whole time while she suffered with labor. Even though she was given Pitocin to help her labor move along, she was not progressing. After much labor without a baby, (just like I had experienced) the doctor suggested the other “C” word (Caesarean section). We were both a bit worried!

By then her doctor had left on holiday and another doctor took over to do the operation. Rachel Ileina made her appearance while I observed her through a small window into the operating room. It was not at all how we had expected it to go, but we were so grateful that the baby was healthy! She was a real beauty!

Baby was ready to go home, but mother was not doing as well. They both had to stay in the hospital for about a week to get Mommy’s vitals stable.

We were so grateful for our new Polynesian maiden and have loved watching her grow into a beautiful young lady.

Hula Girl, Digital Art by Ruth Kongaika

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The Oldest Grandchild

The day you officially become a grandmother is the day you will never forget! For me it was a little over 21 years ago! I was with my daughter-in-law who invited me to the birth. It was a gruesome few hours for her and I admire her strength and tenacity. When the baby finally decided to surrender (albeit the force of the suction cup), we were all in high spirits. The triumphant arrival of the first male grandchild and his parents first child and son is a moment that will live forever in my mind.


One moment I was just a Momma and just like that I was Grand!! How cool is that! I tend to think of it as having graduated from Mommy school. After all the laughter and tears of raising my four beautiful children, I had earned a degree sort of like a Bachelor of Motherhood. Maybe (if I am lucky) I can get my Masters of Motherhood (great-grandmother).

Grandma, Grandmother, Nana, Mama, or whatever the title is – I love it!

My little Isiboy stole my heart. I doted on him whenever he was around. I spent so much time showing him everything and teaching him all I knew. I talked to him constantly when he was with me. He was my new toy. I loved shopping for him and dressing him up. I don’t remember being this excited with my own children, but this was different – I had no labor pains, postnatal blues, or responsibility! This was totally fun!!

The only problem with all the attention I gave my first grandchild was that he became very attached to me. His parents had a hard time taking him to their own home. He would start crying when he knew he was leaving and kick and scream for Grandma all the way home. Sorry about that!

So, how did you feel about your first grandchild? Were you as crazily in love with yours as I was with mine? I feel so blessed to have this amazing experience of Grandmotherhood!

Please share your thoughts in the comment section please! Thanks!

Let's all be friends!
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Grandma Bloggers Welcome

A new day, and a new blog!

This is the place we can share our positive experiences with our grandchildren.

12 grandchildren

Recently, I realized that I have twelve beautiful grandchildren to dote on! It is quite the blessing as well as a responsibility. These precious souls range in age from 10 to 21 years. Of course, I have a birthday board with their months listed on it and a block that represents each grandchild (placed carefully according to the day). It helps remind me of whose birthday is coming up.

With so many birthdays to remember, I also keep a list with my calendar reminding me what year they were born. I don’t want to miss any milestones in their lives, and pray the good Lord will allow me sufficient health and memory to celebrate those special days with them.

I would love to hear how you remember your grandchildren’s birthdays and tell us about any of those special days you have spent with them.

Please click on “Leave a comment” at the top of the blog to post. Thanks!

Birthday Board – gifted to me by Meilani Kongaika Christmas 2018
Get Your Own Birthday Board